Optimal Family Health, your primary care solution offering both a traditional and wholistic approach.

Hours : Monday to Friday - 8am to 5pm
  Call or Text : 321-342-2555

Primary Care Plans for Families

Basic Primary Care Membership

  • Monthly rate for membership (enrollment $175 per person or $200 per family)
    • 10-17 yo $39 per month
    • 18-39 yo $79 per month
    • 40 and older $99 per month
  • Members can access their doctor at any time by phone, elation passport messaging/texting, spruce
    messaging, or by email
  • Management of most chronic diseases within the scope of primary care including thyroid disease,
    diabetes, hypertension, etc.

    • Guaranteed same-day or next day visits.
  • Some procedures included
    • EKG
    • Join injection
    • Abscess drainage
    • Trigger point injections
    • Benign mole or skin tag removal
    • Skin biopsy of suspicious moles (pathology lab fee applies)
    • Ear lavage
  • Members have access to at-cost lab testing
  • Members have access to wholesale prescription medications for sale.
  • Members have access to at-cost imaging.

Patient Education

Learn more about hormone optimization with videos from Simple Hormones