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Our Nurse Practitioner Aurora’s Story

I came to believe in the power of hormone replacement therapy 5 years ago when I turned 41. I found myself having worsening trouble sleeping, having horrible night sweats, low energy, difficulty concentrating, increasing abdominal fat (despite exercise), worsening migraine headaches, painful menstruation, hair loss, and a low sex drive. All this was even further compounded by the fact that I was enrolled in nurse practitioner school. I knew I was in what I called “the decade of transition” or what is most “affectionately” called the perimenopausal years.

I had suspected that I was having some changes in my hormone levels that could explain these symptoms. I had a conversation with my gynecologist who suggested hormone pellet therapy but didn’t offer any other alternatives that were more in my price range as an NP student. I finally found a physician assistant who ran an age management practice and did a comprehensive evaluation of my labs and listened to my concerns.  I was started on a treatment plan to optimize my hormones which changed my life! Yes, it sounds too good to be true but there is no other way I can describe it. I finally convinced my husband to do the same and now we feel great together. The improvements in my overall well-being were so astounding I have to list them by number:

  1. Improved Sleep and sleep time.
  2. I went from having several migraine days a month to one mild migraine every few months.
  3. No more night sweats.
  4. No cramping with my periods.
  5. Improved energy.
  6. Increased exercise endurance and increased muscle tone.
  7. Improved focus and concentration.
  8. Reduced hair loss and more hair growth on my scalp.
  9. Improved sex drive.

Because of my successful, personal story and experience with hormone replacement therapy, I knew I wanted to learn how I  could help other women and men feel just as great as I did and still do. I was blessed to be able to start my nurse practitioner career with a provider who trained me in the hormone management space for several years and have attended several intensive training events every year to provide my patients with the latest treatments in hormone replacement therapy. I am a family nurse practitioner who loves primary care, but I 100% believe that primary care is here not just to screen for and treat disease, it should be every provider’s goal to help patients feel their absolute best for as long as they can. If you suspect you may be struggling with your hormones, I am here to help. Call and schedule your consultation today! 321-342-2555 or fill out our contact form on our website www.myoptimalfamily.com