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Why HRT in Women?

The role of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) in women has been a long-debated topic thanks to the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) which negated the benefits of HRT due to what they believe to be an increased risk in heart disease and breast cancer leading to an abrupt discontinuation of the trial. Studies over the years have proved otherwise with the evidence pointing to the fact that initiating HRT at the onset of menopause showed significant reductions in coronary heart disease and mortality, not to mention the reduction or elimination of symptoms, reduction in osteoporosis related fractures, and improved sense of wellness (Lbob, 2017).

HRT is now becoming more and more accepted as a preventative strategy in perimenopausal women, and the many health benefits including improved energy, libido, sleep, and cognition as well as control of mood and vasomotor symptoms can not be denied. Many providers have not received adequate training in hormone replacement therapy and therefore avoid prescribing treatment for women who are then left frustrated trying to find a solution
(Langer, Hodis, Lobo, 2021).

Aurora Dean, nurse practitioner and owner of Optimal Family Health, is highly trained in the practice of hormone replacement therapy in men and women, PCOS, and thyroid disorders and looks to go beyond adequate results and achieve optimal replacement leaving you feeling more vibrant and energetic, as well as improving overall sense of wellbeing.

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Simple Hormones

Aurora has partnered with Dr. Steve Goldring, Rph, from Simple Hormones to provide a
thorough source of information related to hormone replacement therapy for our patients. The
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